Kershaw Health


“During the past 19 months, I have received Physical, Occupational, and Aquatic therapy at West Wateree at different intervals. The entire staff is fantastic. Their knowledge is demonstrated in skills, empathy, compassion, comfort, concern, and a caring attitude. The therapists instill a desire to reach your highest level of recovery.”
 - Beth Brown

“I was given the opportunity to participate in the New Joint Replacement Program at KershawHealth. The surgery and post-op care was excellent. The nurses and physical therapist were fantastic. They were professional and caring. I was walking the day of surgery and went to rehab the next morning and afternoon. Rehab came next. I had all my therapy in Kershaw. The staff and therapists were excellent. They encouraged me and instilled in me the importance of doing the required exercises. They explained what each exercise was strengthening. When you walk in the facility you feel like you are special. I received the best care anyone could ever receive. Thanks for great care!!!”
- Jackie M. Pope


“Each time that I have been a patient at West Wateree Medical Complex I began to feel better the minute I entered the building. The staff was always ready to be of assistance, there was no long waiting period and the individual assigned to help with my needs met me with a smile, a positive personality, and ready to work….answer questions and hope that with coordinated efforts I would begin to see progress and work to attain a complete recovery! Many thanks for making it a great experience!!!”
- Jack Brantley


“Two of my grandchildren had a problem with their speech. I brought them to Speech Therapy at West Wateree in Lugoff. They spent time with them in an individual setting and worked with them helping them to understand the word, the sound of the word and use in a sentence. They make it fun and interesting. I would recommend them to anyone." 
- Linda Henley

“In recent years I have had the misfortune of having to undergo physical rehabilitation on three separate occasions. At the same time I have had the very good fortune of having my doctors order my rehabilitation at KershawHealth Outpatient Rehabilitation! The dedicated professionals at KershawHealth and West Wateree have restored my physical condition after a broken hip, knee replacement and shoulder replacement.  The highly motivated therapists work as a team to rehabilitate their patients in as short a time as possible. They embody the description of their profession: “The Science of Healing” and the “Art of Caring”. "
- Walter B. “Buddy” Clark


“Last year I had both my hips replaced. I chose West Wateree for my physical therapy in part because it was just a short drive from my home and because I had heard positive reports from others who had used their services. The work was hard and there were days that I was less than enthusiastic but they always offered the right balance of encouragement and “tuff love” to keep me going. With their help I could see improvement at the end of every session. There is such a sense of accomplishment when you have met your goals and I could not have done it without the loving support of the staff at West Wateree!”
- Mickey Ogburn

“I was extremely pleased with the PT I received at West Wateree. Each of the therapists was very professional and stayed right with me while I did each exercise. I always felt I had their full attention, which hadn’t been true at anther PT facility I’d used previously for a different issue."
- Elizabeth Shaw

“Kershaw County is blessed to have a top notch facility at West Wateree’s KershawHealth Physical Therapy. They have an excellent office staff, experienced therapists and a comfortable space. They have helped me tremendously with my recovery from a serious shoulder injury. I would recommend their services to all in need of physical therapy.”
- Bondi Long


“My son Gideon has been attending Speech therapy at West Wateree Rehab for over a year now. Gideon was diagnosed with Speech Apraxia a year ago and a diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome after birth. His speech was non-existent at the age of 5. Compared to a year ago Gideon is able to put 2-3 words in speaking a sentence. I am very grateful for the help he has received from West Wateree from Sheila on down to the ladies that work the front desk. They always have a smile on their faces when Gideon walks in. To him now it’s not a job but a place he enjoys coming to and looks forward to twice a week."
- Nicole Gatewood