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If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) such as bronchitis or emphysema, you face challenges and limitations in everyday living. Helping you understand and adapt to your illness is the key to improving your quality of life, and our pulmonary specialists can do just that. Our pulmonary services include respiratory care, pulmonary function and arterial blood gas testing and sleep studies in our sleep diagnostics center. For more information on the Sleep Diagnostics Center,click here.

KershawHealth Pulmonology

Dr. Hina Chaudhry is a specialist dealing with diseases and conditions of the lungs and respiratory system, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, COPD/emphysema, asthma and sleep disorders. She is board certified in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine.

KershawHealth Pulmonology

Hina Chaudhry, MD

1218 Roberts Street
Camden, SC

Respiratory Care

KershawHealth Medical Center has a full-time staff of registered respiratory therapists who can help manage the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory illnesses. Whether it's an acute asthma attack or post-surgical breathing concerns, our therapists use specialized equipment and advanced technologies to help patients of all ages. They work under the direction of a physician to assist or better control a patient's breathing. Bronchoscopy, which allows a physician to examine your airways, is also available at the Medical Center. Physicians like Dr. Hina Chaudhry, who specialize in the treatment and management of respiratory diseases, are known as pulmonologists. To find a pulmonologist, click here.