About Your Bill

If you are self-pay, after you receive services from KershawHealth, you will receive a bill from us detailing the services provided and their cost. Payment is requested at this time. If your bill is being paid by Medicaid or another government provider, or by private insurance like Blue Cross, you will receive a bill once your claim has been processed. If you have a question about this bill, please contact Customer Service at 713-6693.
To pay your bill in person, please go to the cashier’s office across from the registration desk at the Emergency Room/Outpatient entrance. You may also go to the Patient Financial Services office on the second floor across from the billing office.
If you are not able to pay your bill in full, please contact us immediately. Call 713-6589 for assistance. We will be glad to set up a payment plan with you, and financial assistance may be available.
Have a question about your bill? Call Customer Service at 713-6693. Please have a copy of your bill handy. If you’re calling for a family member, please be sure you know their date of birth and Social Security number.

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