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Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers

KershawHealth Hospice employs a team approach to provide patient care and family support. The hospice team includes specially trained nurses, physicians, social workers, clergy and volunteers.

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Our volunteers are special people. Committed and caring, they work as an effective and necessary part of the team, supplementing the hospice professional staff’s responsibilities by assisting the patient, family, or significant other. All our volunteers complete a formal training program.

Hospice volunteer assigments include:

  • Visiting with patients or doing anything a good friend or neighbor might do,
  • Sitting with the patient for an hour or two to allow family members to attend necessary details of living or simply to refresh themselves from their caregiving,
  • Running errands, such as picking up grocery items, 
  • Providing emotional support and comfort to patient and family,
  • Remaining with family during the bereavement period to offer comfort and support.

Hospice volunteers cannot:

  • Stay in the home eight hours a day,
  • Administer medications.

For more information on becoming a KershawHealth Hospice volunteer, contact: 
Megan Quigley
Or click here to email her.